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Lonely Hearts Club: Chapter 0
Chapter 0
Lindsey feels, in these moments, a cruel winter wind blow over her for the first time since she can remember. A harshness, a gritty wind that one could only expect from a world that doesn't want them there.
Where that may be over-dramatic, one doesn't confuse the feelings of the heart often, and who was Lindsey Howell if not an unwanted child, the orphan of the world, a street urchin who never realized that the world wasn't her playground until now. He had on her mother's jacket, not letting her mind dwell on the sentiment and memories that this jacket carries for her. She stands on a barren sidewalk in front of a community center that no one would care about if it weren't for Russell Price. She had stolen her way over here from an unexpectedly empty theater. Her pants, thin and skinny jeans that are somewhat flattering, just barely fail to cover up her ankles, and in this moment, her ankles are all her mind feels. The part of us that is cold or in pain is the one that never
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Mature content
A Christmas For Anonymous :iconnoyoucantmesswithme:Noyoucantmesswithme 0 0
The salty breeze be too familiar. It always is. Looking out at the night sky covering the earth like a dark blanket, tiny white dots spread all over it. I've seen this sight more than the others, I know that. I'm the only one out here at this time of night. Once I was caught up here. I had to tell me mate that the booze had screwed with me stomach. I feel poetic tonight. If the others knew, I'd be keelhauled in a second. What scares me is that they might keep me alive just so they could do it again. The night sky be beautiful. Occasionally I write poetry on scraps of paper we pick up at rest spots.
Sittin' til mornin'
The moon sits a lot
Never shakin' or stirrin'
Or pretendin' it's not.
I've been working on that there one for a while. I call it 'Moon'. I feel split in half, but three ways there. The part of me that hates the sound of the waves crashin' against the ship over and over again, like a wood pecker peckin' until your head's got a hole innit. There's the part of me that wouldn
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Kiz Contest Entry by Noyoucantmesswithme Kiz Contest Entry :iconnoyoucantmesswithme:Noyoucantmesswithme 1 4 Heaven Piercing Crimson Face by Noyoucantmesswithme Heaven Piercing Crimson Face :iconnoyoucantmesswithme:Noyoucantmesswithme 1 7
By Wilson Taylor
"You're changing your hair color?"
"Well… yeah, I thought it would look, uhh… well, I thought it would look nice."
She only got prettier. It worried me. It wasn't that her rainbow colored streaks weren't beautiful, quite the opposite actually… but everything was falling into place the way I thought it would. I couldn't point out that she was falling into it, she'd never looked so happy. The only thing left for her to get was magical powers… and I'm totally serious, it's coming, I know it. I know it's coming.
My name is Richard M. Sue. I married my wife exactly 3 months ago. I told her my concerns, and with that same tantalizing look that she managed to give someone exactly whenever she wanted something from me, she told me not to worry about it. She thought I was kidding. Heh.
As she put the rainbow streaks into her hair, a slight glitter shimmered off of it and nearly blinded me. Whether I was being blinded by beauty or the actual reflection o
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I don't know what to write here to be entirely honest.
When I decided I was going to start writing about Nicolas Hall, the first chapter never occurred to me. Somehow I expected to sit down and begin writing about Nicolas Hall. I knew my ending, everybody knows the ending, it's common knowledge. I don't know where to start. The first section is written by Michael Merriweather. When I met him, I could best describe him as quiet. His face is hard and his hands look even harder. He had exactly seven marks around his eyes. This is about the average. His hands are cut and bloodied. I knew it was him right away when I saw him with sunglasses on. Most all of the people who encountered Nicolas Hall wear sunglasses. He's blonde, I'm told he used to get Hollywood haircuts and would style his hair, but these days he just wears his hair down. It's more honest, but to me it
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Fredrick's War by Noyoucantmesswithme Fredrick's War :iconnoyoucantmesswithme:Noyoucantmesswithme 0 5 My new Desktop by Noyoucantmesswithme My new Desktop :iconnoyoucantmesswithme:Noyoucantmesswithme 0 0 The White Void, The Cold Steel by Noyoucantmesswithme The White Void, The Cold Steel :iconnoyoucantmesswithme:Noyoucantmesswithme 2 3
Open Letter of Harris Forstead
The Open Letter of Harris Forstead (A Christmas Letter)
Dear World,
Although unheard of in times that lay before, in times of dispair and broken spirits, in the times when people had filled their minds to the brim with simplistic thoughts of survival, here in this day and this age, Christmas is an anomaly.
My brother, Studdard Forstead, and I had a long conversation in the beginning moments of December, when the snow is common, the days becoming shorter and cozier and some of the local simpletons had decided to put up holiday decorations prohibitively early. He said to me "If secrets where to lie comfortably anywhere, it would be in bosom of Christmas."
I asked him, quite quickly, whatever did he mean by that? He wouldn't tell me. Studdard, though as young as I was three years ago, was always wise beyond his years. While some may speak of me as serious in nature, brooding, I felt that these were trivial facts to Studdard. He would say to me "Harris, there's not a single thing you can k
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The Logo by Noyoucantmesswithme The Logo :iconnoyoucantmesswithme:Noyoucantmesswithme 2 10
The Lonely Hearts Club 33
The Lonely Hearts Club
Part Two: The Silken Flag
Chapter 33
As I previously stated… the days I had with Samson were some of the best of my life. It was the fairy tale I had always wanted to live. He was sweet, he was a gentle man and he wanted to care for me in every way, even though I wouldn't let him. I felt comfortable around him, he wasn't nice to me in the way that other people were, where I was always unnerved around them… I knew, somehow, that this man was genuinely good. I was staying with him Monday through Friday, he was shamed that he wasn't able to introduce me to his church friends. I wasn't too ashamed, but I was sure they were all nice people too. Or maybe not, but who cared?
The first day I slept there, he had a bed set up, a little extravagantly, a bit more than I usually liked to sleep in, but I said nothing. "Hey, you're not allergic to cats, are you?" I shook my head. "No, why?"
"Oh, I'm sure you'll meet him eventually… my cat Victor sometimes
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The Lonely Hearts Club 32
Part Two: The Silken Flag
Chapter 32
Eventually he quit his second job as well. It was that big… he never stopped painting, but things started to change for Russell… but the anger never went away. Some would say that this was a good thing, but…
I don't know… perhaps that's true. It's the passion. If he didn't have it, he'd still be working those two jobs and painting just so he could eat.
Instead he spent his days writing… writing what? Well, he wouldn't tell me. Of course, like everything for Russell, it had to be a surprise. It wasn't his style to lead in front, it wasn't his style to stand by your side, but to stay behind you so you don't see what he's doing… when you DO see it though, The crowd turns around and guess who's in front again?
Russell was that guy who you wondered how he lived. Did he plot everything, was he pulling the strings or going along for the ride? Waiting or creating?
It eventually stopped being about 'breaking up couples'.
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Terry Bogard II by Noyoucantmesswithme Terry Bogard II :iconnoyoucantmesswithme:Noyoucantmesswithme 1 1 Russell -Contrast- by Noyoucantmesswithme Russell -Contrast- :iconnoyoucantmesswithme:Noyoucantmesswithme 0 0

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You lost me at "hello"
United States
Everyone is thinner from above.
The birds must be envious.

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I'm published now.

I don't come on this page anymore and I barely use my other account, :iconmr-feverpitch:

But I thought it was worth noting. The Dolridge Sacrament issue one can be found here…

Issue two will be available March 5th.

Thanks for all your support, anyone who still remembers me. I honestly appreciate it.


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